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SEAI Awards 2018 Winner – Research Smart M Power Co (t/a MPOWER)

October 18th, 2018

Project Information

MEGA, in collaboration with South Dublin County Council and industry partners such as MPOWER, developed a Living Lab to research solutions that increase the level of electricity production hosted by communities. It is located in South Dublin County, and is known as the Tallaght Community Energy Living Lab. MPOWER is driving this research forward towards full commercial deployment, first in DIT and Tallaght Living Lab – from there it will be franchised to local communities (regulated by Contract) acting as Smart Cells in an emerging independent Cellular Smart Grid. It involves local Energy and Flexibility Markets operated by the Community System Operator, for each Community Grid. Consumers in Community Grids become Prosumers (regulated by contract): consumers who offer a service back to the supply chain (production and/or flexibility).

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